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TivarŪ PET-Protect

TivarŪ PET-Protect, also referred to as "TIVARŪ SURFACE PROTECT" is a new innovative grade of TivarŪ was primarily designed to solve problems associated with PET bottle processing. Currently, existing plastic change-part materials have a tendency to mark or scratch the surface of the container which is an obvious problem for PET processors such as soft drink companies.

TivarŪ PET-Protects special hydrid matrix construction, allows for smooth line operaton without scuffing the PET container whether in wear strip configuration or as a change-part such as a feed screw or star wheel.

TivarŪ PET-Protect / SURFACE - Protect has also been found to be very effective with other plastic containers,"protecting" specialty sophisticated printing and labelling such as those in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industies from scuffing and scratching.




Only on special request. Minimum Order Quantities.