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Poly Chloro Tri Fluoro Ethylene (KEL-F®)

In 1934 O.Scherer and F.Schloffer of Hoechst succeeded in polymerising trifluorochloroethylene however, at the time, the properties were of little interest but Hoechst started to manufacture P.C.T.F.E commercially in the early 1950's but ceased at the end of the decade in favour of PTFE. The 3M Company began production later and marketed PCTFE under the trade name Kel-F®.

The main difference in property profiles of P.C.T.F.E and PTFE is in the structure whereby the chlorine atom is much larger than the fluorine atom. Where the fluorine atom imparts flexibility the chlorine atom provides a stronger and stiffer polymer.

P.C.T.F.E is also a true thermoplastic due to its processability and is available in a variety of grades for extrusion, injection and compression moulding.

Although limited to a continuous working temperature of -240°C to +200°C it has greater tensile and compressive strength in this range than PTFE, although a decrease in mechanical strength and long term embrittlement on long exposure to heat can be seen above 150°C.

P.C.T.F.E's insulating properties are good, but dielectric properties are impaired by the dipole moment arising from the chlorine atoms although, most electrical properties are comparable to other perfluorinated polymers.

P.C.T.F.E has the lowest LOI or Limiting Oxygen Index making it ideal for oxygen related applications.

P.C.T.F.E can be characterised by the following properties:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very good working temperature
  • Low creep and cold flow
  • UV stable
  • High optical transparency
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Non flammable
  • Very low outgassing (zero at 125°C & 0.015mbars)
  • FDA approved - CFR177.1380
  • Dairy industry 3-A
  • Marshall Flight Centre Specification MSFC-SPEC-106

Fields of applications: valve seats and seals, v-rings, gaskets, diaphragms, thrust and sleeve bearings.

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