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Bakelite® is the proprietary name for phenolic and other plastic thermoset materials and is often indiscriminately used to describe any phenolic moulding material. The name is derived from that of Dr. Leo Baekeland who developed phenolic plastic in 1909.

This group of materials are also known as S.R.B.F, S.R.B.P & S.R.B.G or Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric, Paper or Glass materials.

Impregnating a reinforcing material, such as cotton cloth, paper or woven glass cloth, with a plastic resin such as phenol formaldehyde, epoxy, melamine or silicone, makes laminates. Layers of this impregnated material are then pressed together and heated. The heat and pressure causes the resin to melt and flow together between the layers and then the resin undergoes a chemical change, which causes it to solidify, bonding the layers together.

These materials are also identifed by trade names such as Tufnol®, Ferroform® and Micarta®.

Laminates are made from a number of reinforcements and resins which can be categorised into the following four main groups:

  • Phenolic cotton - Medium, Coarse & Fine weave.
  • Phenolic paper
  • Glass fabric  - Epoxy, Melamine & Silicone impregnated
  • Polyester glass

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