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Poly Benz Imidazole - Celazole®


Originally developed as a high temperature adhesive due to its anaerobic qualities however, in solid format, it is air that impedes its high temperature performance above 500°C as it then rapidly decomposes.

CELAZOLE® PBI closes the gap between plastics and ceramics and is ideally suited to harsh environments as it offers strength and inertness approaching ceramic, with toughness and resistance to fatigue of a high performance plastic material.

PBI can be characterised by the following properties:

  • Highest heat deflection temperature of any plastic at 425°C
  • Continuous service temperature of 400°C in inert environments
  • Continuous service temperature in air of 345°C
  • Short term exposure temperature of 540°C
  • Lowest coefficient of linear thermal expansion of any unfilled plastic
  • Highest compressive strength of all unfilled plastics
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Excellent ultrasonic transparency
  • Excellent high temperature electrical insulation
  • Excellent thermal insulator

Fields of application: insulator bushings, electrical connectors, ball valve seats, gas plasma clamp rings, and piston rings.

For further information regarding PBI please contact the Manager Product Technology located at Tullamarine Head Office

Only on special request. Minimum Order Quantities.