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Polyvinyl Idene Fluoride (SUSTA®PVDF, KYNAR®)

SUSTA®-PVDF is a fluoroplastic material and is characterised in particular by its extraordinary chemical resistance and as such may be used over a wide temperature range.

Compared to other fluoropolymers PVDF offers many advantages in various applications; especially its easy processability, high mechanical strength and low specific gravity.

From a chemistry point of view, PVDF lies between HD-PE and PTFE (P.T.F.E.) its relationship to HD-PE is illustrated by its machineability and to PTFE by its high chemical resistance at elevated temperatures.

SUSTA®-PVDF is available in rod, sheet, pipe and also specialty polyester fabric and glass backed sheet & rolls for tank construction.

PVDF can be characterised by the following properties:

  • Easy to fabricate, weld and machine
  • FDA approved
  • -30ºC to +120ºC working temperature range
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Flame retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Gas impermeable
  • Naturally translucent colour

Fields of application: tanks, tank lining, flanges, pump parts, impellers.

Only on special request. Minimum Order Quantities.