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SUSTATRON - Poly Phenylene Sulphide (RYTON® TECHTRON®)

After initial research in 1968 by Phillips Petroleum, Ryton™ large scale production commenced in Texas U.S.A in 1973 and was subsequently followed by other manufacturers such as Hoechst (Fortron™), Ciba-Geigy (Craston™), and Bayer (Tedur™).

Benzene rings and sulphur atoms form the backbone of this symmetrical macromolecule, giving a material that has outstanding mechanical strength, and excellent temperature resistance.

Low flammability and high chemical resistance combined with high weathering and radiation resistance make this low moisture absorption material ideal in many tough applications.

SUSTATRON can be characterised by the following properties:

• Excellent chemical resistance.
• High strength in glass filled grades.
• Good weatherability and radiation resistance.
• Minimal moisture absorption and good resistance to steam.
• Excellent electrical insulation properties.
• Continuous service temperature to +220 C.
SUSTATRON MOD Bearing grade is also available. (Data available sheet on request)



Only on special request. Minimum Order Quantities.