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Sustamid® PA6 G - OL (Oil Filled)


SUSTAMID® PA6 GOL is a highly modified caprolactum grade with an incorporated internal liquid lubricant evenly distributed throughout the polymeric mix in the form of microscopic droplets.

SUSTAMID® PA6 GOL is a distinctive Yellow in colour.


A fluid lubricant is advantageous in lowering the coefficient of friction and where a reduction in the phenomena known as "stick - slip" is a priority.

Disadvantages of this type of lubricant must also be taken into consideration: Where there is minimal sliding movement and intermittent pressure, it is very difficult to maintain the lubricating film as viscosity drops with an increase in temperature due to the capillary effect, therefore the lubricating film will not be at the sliding faces.

Also, under high loads the thickness of the lubricating film may be reduced as it is forced out from between the sliding surfaces.

If dust is present, the combination of the lubricating film and this media will form to create an abrasive matrix.

For SUSTAMID® PA6 GOL to be effective, the application must have constant speed and pressure to activate the liquid lubricant. If the application does have these constants then this grade is ineffective and another should be considered.

APPLICATIONS: Low load, high speed and low temperature slide or journal bearings.