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Tivar® Ceram P

Tivar® Ceram P is a unique development within the TIVAR® range as it has been significantly optimised to provide extremely high wear resistance in very abrasive applications. 

Easily identified by its unique "AVOCADO" colour.

Another benefit of this optimisation is that it is able to support higher loads than other grades of TIVAR making it ideal in applications that have a high PV (Pressure-Velocity) factor.

As with all TIVAR® grades, CERAM P has a very low coefficient of friction but with a lower CLTE (Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion) than 1000 grade.

Application area: Bins, Hoppers, Wear Plates, Conveyor systems, Paper Industry dewatering elements at speeds operating < less 700m/minute.

  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Superior sliding qualities
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer lifespan than other grades
  • High stiffness