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TivarŽ Oil Filled

TivarŽ Oil Filled is a modified UHMW-PE material that can be used for in food processing applications that require improved sliding properties but cannot allow grease-based lubrication.

This specially formulated mineral oil grade meets FDA & USDA guidelines so is ideal in food industry applications.

The function of the oil is to lubricate mating surfaces creating a dynamic coefficient of friction of <0.14. When used in applications such as under chain applications and especially in compact corners, it significantly reduces stick-slip and promotes even flow and requires less drive power.
Application area: Conveyor systems / Food processing

  • Reduced sliding friction coefficient
  • Allows lower drive forces
  • Prevents chain rust
  • Reduces noise
  • Meets FDA & USDA requirements
  • Energy saving

Special Order Item. Minimum Order Quantities.