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Flow Promotion Bulk Handling Grades

The transport and storage of bulk materials is governed by only one constant: The Flow Of Material.

And, when the task at hand is to ensure the flow of material in chutes, troughs, bins, chain trough conveyors and feeding hoppers, one constant for reliable movement has been in existence for more than 30 years: SYSTEM TIVAR® ENGINEERING.

SYSTEM TIVAR® ENGINEERING lining solutions prevent downtime due to caking, arching, bridging, freezing, funnelling, channelling and corrosion.

The installation of SYSTEM TIVAR® ENGINEERING linings can help reduce time consuming disruptions before they affect operations. TIVAR® can be installed at Original Equipment stage or as a retro-fit solution to an existing problem.

The range of specially developed grades of TIVAR® are available exclusively through the E-Plas network of branches located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and through our selected regional distributors.

E-Plas can provide a TIVAR® grade for your specific bulk handling needs. 

Below is a list of SYSTEM TIVAR® ENGINEERING users:

  • Power Stations
  • Briquetting Plants
  • Iron & Steel Works
  • Coke Oven Plants
  • Black Coal
  • Open Cut Lignite (Brown Coal)
  • Earth
  • Minerals
  • Cement Plants
  • Brickworks
  • Salt Mines
  • Sugar Industry
  • Fertilizer
  • Feed Concentrate Plants
  • Gypsum