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Consultancy & Services

E-Plas carries a substantial and varied range of Engineering and High Performance industrial Plastic materials and We understand the selection process can be extremely complex when choosing the right material for your project.

Due to their amorphous or semi-crystalline nature, plastics have very different properties to metals and as such require a very different approach when designing for a particular application.

Our experienced sales staff are able to advise on the most suitable material for your application and in some instances may suggest a number of different materials based on their particular individual performance.

E-Plas work hand in hand with our dedicated internationally renowned Suppliers to provide support and advice on complex project material requirements in many industries. Whether it is lining fleets of trailers to mining hoppers, nuclear medicine, orthotics, food industry elements or dock maintenance, we can assist you in making the choice that best suits for your specific needs.

We also provide a one stop shop for cut to size and fabricated plastic parts. You design, we deliver.