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TivarŽ materials are engineering polymers based on UHMW-PE used to solve problems related to friction, wear, material flow and corrosion.

For more than 60 years, Quadrant EPP have been developing and producing engineering polymers based on UHMW-PE. Modification and innovation of materials based on individual customer requirements and applications are a focus of their business.

Under the internationally renowned trade name TivarŽ, they have developed modified polymers based on UHMW-PE to solve individual engineering problems.

TivarŽ polymers are produced using state-of-the-art compression moulding technology and ram extrusion.

Polymer know-how and modern production technology are prerequisites for the functionality and economics of TivarŽ materials. Close cooperation with our customers allows application oriented product development, innovation and thus success for their customers.

TivarŽ materials have a solid performance record in numerous industries such as: mining industry, filling and packaging industry, general mechanical engineering, chemical industry, paper industry, nuclear industry, medical and electrical applications.

Quadrant EPP continue to produce, develop and improve their outstanding range of polymer products.


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