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QuickSilver® Truck Lining Systems

QuickSilver® is the ultimate state of the art,industrial strength continuous liner.

QuickSilver's® phenomenal integrated release agents within its premium UHMW-PE formula mean it's practically self-cleaning.

Super slick, no additional release agents are required. No sticking or carry-back eliminates tip-over risk. Most loads dump clean by 3rd ram stage.

QuickSilver® ensures your truck is tough, safe and productive. Reduced turn-around time means more loads per day, all year round and that's a return you can bank.

QuickSilver® weighs less than both steel and aluminium and out wears both. Superior abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance protects integrity of the original equipment, extending the life of your truck body for years.

QuickSilver® can be fitted in less than one day and requires no on-going maintenance. Any configuration from dump trailers and bottom dumps to gravel trains and transfer trailers. Breathe new life into worn equipment whilst dramatically reducing replacement costs.

Proven Industry Performer in Diverse Industries

Bulk Handling Industry,Tippers, Mining & Minerals Handling / Transport, Agriculture: Grain Handling / Transport


Tipper Bodies / Dump Trailers, Bottom Dumps, Gravel Trains, Chutes, Transfer Dumps, Hoppers &more

QuickSilver® Dumps Clean & Handles Diverse Materials & Climate

Mineral Ore Concentrate, Clay,Gravel, Coal, Fly-ash, Salt, Limestone, Top-soil, Sand, Phosphate,Cement, Snow, Sludge


·       Designed/ engineered specifically for intense bulk handling applications

·       Superior Toughness and Durability

·       Premium Abrasion Resistance                      

·       Haul And Tip Any Material With Ease

·       Super Slick Release - Eliminate Sticking Loads

·       No release additives. Release Agents In Liner    

·       Designed To Dump Clean - No Carry-back

·       Increased Safety Truck and Driver             

·       Lighter Than Aluminium And Steel

·       Any Climate or Environment

·       Fast,Easy Installation - Any Configuration

·       Continuous liner format                                       

·       Huge Maintenance Reduction                              

·       Manufacturer Warranty And Technical Support

Great long term investment and savings

Supplied as Continuous Liner Full Coils 

Roll length 31m x Width3.050m   Thicknesses 9.5mm and12.7mm

QuickSilver® Warranty

5 year non prorated manufacturer warranty with the best technical support, manufactured by Quadrant EPP, the world's largest producer of UHMW-PE.

E-Plas are the Authorised Australian QuickSilver® Distributors

Diversify Your Load Capability With QuickSilver®

QuickSilver's® unique formula creates a surface second to none. Its diverse capabilities allow you to haul and tip avast range of materials.  You can haul gravel one load and clay the next with hardly any turn-around between loads thanks to the Liner's self- cleaning qualities.

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